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Can you believe someone would steal the bulbs from your garden..No? - read on

I could hardly believe what I was looking at; several large holes in our front garden where there should be sprouting spring bulbs.  At first I thought an animal might be responsible for the damage but upon closer inspecton there were no mounds of spoil from an animals excavation; this was clearly human activity.

Someone had deliberately stepped over our low garden rail fence that fronts the pavement of Ash Plough and using a trowel had dug out several bulbs with a big plug of soil leaving deep holes in the grass.

How very sad and selfish some people are; these early spring flowering bulbs were our delight and also the delight of everyone who walked past them on the pavement.

I really hope that the person responsible seeks help as they are obviously in need of some professional medical attention.

I along with several of my neighbours in this community have a common interest in making Ash Plough a pleasant place to reside in and by planting spring bulbs on our land alongside the pavement and in our front garden (adjacent to the pavement) we took great delight in the beauty of these early very colourful flowers.

Shame on you whoever you are.

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