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Does anybody have information abt William Girling bn Stradbroke abt 1702 died East Dereham Norfolk 1766

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I have a note, I think originating on Rootsweb, (though they are not infalible) as follows:
"In the Stradbroke Parish Register, there is a family of Girling / Grenling: Father Robert, Mother Ann.
Children: *Ann 31 Mar 1688, *John 14 Aug 1689/90, *Frances 27 Apr 1692, *Robert 7 Feb 1694,
Robert 1 Apr 1697, *William 25 Jul 1699, +William 10 Oct 1701, Thomas 21 Dec 1704. "

"William and his two brothers, John and Robert, left Stradbroke sometime around 1720 to move to East Dereham, Norfolk....
William was married in East Dereham (Mary Goddard in 1723 ?) and died there in 1766".

* those asterisked are noted in the Bury St Edmunds Archives, Stradbroke Records.
The family mother may have been Ann Chase, but not sure.
+ William (1701) is in the Archives but as son of Abraham & Ann.

This may not be my direct line but, I think, a close mirror image branch as Robert Girling Baptised Apr 1697 above, is often confused with Robert Girling Baptised Sep 1698, also in Stradbroke son of Abraham Grenling (b.1645 ) & his second wife Ann Clark (b.abt 1677) my 6xgt Grandparents.
Most confusingly, I have +William - exact dates as above - as brother to "my" Robert
and I understand the Archives show this too.
I hope all this is of interest, and of some help.
Regards, David Girling
Olivella, Barcelona Province
Unfortunately I don't have information this far back but I am trying to trace my 3rd great-grandfather James Girling who was born in Stradbroke around 1796. He spent some time in the Birmingham area where he married his wife Millicent Tusting and they had their first child Alexander. They moved to South London in the late 1820s where they settled and brought up another 5 children (William, Jethro, Edgar, Thomas, frederick). At the time of the 1841 census James was a policeman in Southwark but later became a gardener.

Does anyone have access to the Stradbroke parish records?

Hi Chris,
My great x4 grandfather is also James Girling - my mother is descended from Edgar Girling who became a boiler maker in Southwark, London. I can't find the family on the 1861 census at all - I think that their surname may have been incorrectly recorded? Do you know anyhting about this? I'm interested in any information on James. Anything you have would be greatly appreciated.

Kellie Russell
Hi Kellie,

I'm also descended from Edgar Girling via his daughter Lily who married Albert Rogers. I have a full set of census returns for the family including the 1861 record. They were living at 8 Peacock Street, Newington in 1861. I've sent you a message and hopefully we can exchange email addresses and further information.
Regards, Chris
Hi Chris,
How excting!! Our branch of the family is through Edgar's daughter Millicent born in 1866 in Southwark. Her daughter Emily Millicent born 1890 had my grandmother Lillian in 1914. I know that Edgar had Emily, Millicent and Edgar - where does Lily come in? I'd love to exchange more details - can you send me your details?
kind regards,
Hi Kellie,

Lily was Millicent's younger sister born 1872. Your great-grandmother had two daughters as far as I've been able to work out, Violet and Lilian, but I've only been able to trace Violet's family any further. I've sent contact details in a private message. Please let me know if you're able to pick up the message.
Regards, Chris
I found your discussions on the Girling family via a Google search and many thanks for giving me membership of your site.
Does anyone have any information on the parents and siblings of Jane Girling, born Stradboke 1841? She married my Great great grandfather Ephraim Bloomfield in 1864 (I think in Wingfield), they had 6 children one of whom was my great grandfather.
I'd be very happy to share information about this tree with anyone who has relations linked to Jane.
Many thanks
Hi Steve,

I suspect Jane was possibly the niece of my great 4x grandfather, James Girling who was born in Stradbroke around 1796. Do you have any information about Jane's parents? Did Ephraim and Jane continue living in Suffolk?

Hi Chris,
Thanks for that info.
Ephraim and Jane continued to live in Wingfield whilst having children
Walter 1896
George 1867
Maria 1869
Charles 1872 (My Great Grandfather)
Frederick 1871
Ann 1865
before a move to Broome which is where Charles met my Great Grandmother Kate Collet whose father ran the local Pub!
Ephraim died in 1892.
Many of the family moved to Edmonton to work on the railways and Jane moved to be with them and died at Edmonton in 1908.
Hello Jean Kathleen, Chris, Kellie and Steve,

About a year ago I replied to a question from Jean Kathleen concerning William Girling born Stradbroke abt 1702 died East Dereham Norfolk 1766.
I trust I may have helped and I hoped I might learn some more about the Girlings of Stradbroke.
Since then I have followed with interest the questions and replies and the discussion that came after.
However, as yet I have not managed to link my branch with those being researched by the members.
Does anyone have any information about the Greenling / Grenling / Girling branch that were in Stradbroke from about 1524 to about 1750 ? most married and buried in Stradbroke.
Richard Greenling (1499-1558 ) married Rose about 1524
Thomas Grenling (1525 or 1527) m. Johanna Fox in 1550 and/or Margery Godbold in 1555.
Robert Grenling (1560-1625) m. Dorothy/Margaret/Alice in 1594.
John Grenling (1605-1681) m. Elizabeth abt 1640.
Abraham Grenling / Girling (1645-1730) m. Frances Aldous in 1680 then Ann Clarke in 1694.
Robert Grenling / Girling (1698-c1782?) m. Mary Salter (in 1725 at Horham).
Mathew Girling (1735) m. Elizabeth Wood (in 1766 at Sibton).
This branch then moved to Sibton, Wilby, Framlingham, Framsden then Kettleburgh,
finally going to Southwark London in about 1863 where my Grandfather William Thomas Girling (1864-1945) was born.
Any help, and any info about the Stradbroke connection would be appreciated.
David Girling.
Hi David,
So far I've only managed to go back to James Girling through census records. My sister is visiting Stradbroke next week hopefully and we're hoping that she will be able to look in the parish records to go back further. I'll keep you posted - we may find a link!
Hello Kellie,

Thanks for your reply.
Here in Catalunya it is good to get "a breath of home".
I look forward to hearing from you.
Indeed we may yet find a link.



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