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My great-great-great grandfather was Simon Mills (c. 1795 - 1869), a shoemaker who lived and worked in New Street, Stradbroke.  His father Lionel Mills (1764 - 1841) was an inmate of the Hoxne Union Workhouse, and his father, another Simon Mills from Horham (c. 1723 - 1784) married Elizabeth Botts or Betts in Stradbroke in 1747.  When I did these researches at the Ipswich CRO in 1983, I was lucky enough to meet the surviving daughter of my x3 grandfather Simon's youngest son Ephraim (1844 - 1910).  She was Winifred Alice ("Dolly") Church, then in her nineties and living in a retirement home at Melton.  Ephraim had been the Stradbroke postman, killed after being accidentally hit by one of the first cars in the neighbourhood, driven by the vicar of Wilby.  Dolly and her husband worked for many years in the village post office.  Ephraim's older brother Caleb (1842 - c. 1901) was my great-great grandfather, who married in Mendlesham in 1867 and moved to London.  I already know quite a bit, but would be fascinated to know if any local historians know any more or have any documents or photos relating to the many interrelated Mills families who lived around Stradbroke - and maybe still do! 

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