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December Meeting

Christmas came early to the Stradbroke WI as the members gathered in their finery to enjoy the   Christmas supper. Mulled wine or a cranberry drink welcomed the ladies and their companions to the festivities and they were shown to their beautifully set and decorated tables ready for the excellent meal to be served by Steve Hambling and his lovely staff. All were welcomed to the evening by Gill Bird our newly elected President who had also been the main architect…


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Howard Family

My great grandfather, Henry Howard (Oct. 4, 1852 to Nov. 17, 1908) lived in Stradbroke. He was the son of Henry and Sarah Howard and also a twin to John Howard. Henry married Kate Meen on Oct. 4, 1877 in Stradbroke. Together they had 13 children. In approximately 1910 Kate Howard and three of her sons (Herbert, William and Percy) moved to Canada. Also, their daughters, Kate and Margaret; and one son, Harry moved to Canada at different times. Three of the thirteen children died and I believe…


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Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting, not usually the most eagerly awaited in our calendar, was rather special this year, as our Secretary Dianne Maynard had the brilliant idea that everyone should wear a hat. Her wish was granted, and members arrived wearing hats of every colour, shape and style, and they all looked amazing. The reason for turning on the style was to brighten the mood, for it was the evening we were saying goodbye to three people who are held in high regard, our…


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New Website for Stradbroke Primary School!

Stradbroke Primary School has a new website which you can find at:

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Stradbroke Village Archive presents the new Digital Geoffrey Smith Archive

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Stradbroke Parish Council 9th November 2015

Note: this is a full unedited audio recording of the meeting

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The Stradbroke Monthly November 2015

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Stradbroke Parish Council 12th October 2015

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October Meeting

Our President Dorothy Readman welcomed everyone to what was a very well attended meeting, and because we were all awaiting a much anticipated demonstration, business was kept to a minimum. After the announcements, Jennifer gave a report on the Centenary Picnic held at Glenham Park on September 16th the actual date that the W.I. was formed one hundred years ago. She told us that it poured with rain, causing members to set aside their finery, and settle for wellies,…


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The Stradbroke Monthly October 2015

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Children's Play Areas Survey

As part of the project to upgrade the Children's Play Areas in Stradbroke the organisers are carrying out a simple survey to find out the views of residents. Your views are important as they will help define the specific needs for the village. If you have a view, please take a few minutes to complete this simple questionnaire. You can complete it…


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One Hour, fifty one minutes and fifty four seconds into the PC meeting.  This MUST stop. The issue was NOT council business – just used as a platform to produce more venom.

This meeting was not a good meeting although it had its lighter moments. Slightly scary when one councillor demonstrated how magnets work by waving a baking tray around whilst clicking a magnet on and off it. (21:44) I looked round the table to try and spot which of the councillors may not know that principle of…


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September Report

We welcomed Andrea Davies, our area advisor, to our September meeting. She explained

the role of the committee and urged members to consider putting themselves forward for

election at the AGM in November.…


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Stradbroke Parish Council 14th September 2015

This is a complete and unedited audio recording of the Stradbroke Parish Council meeting on Monday 14th September 2015. You can also…


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The Bake Off is Back! The Summer Welcome Mat!

July AND August 2015 Visits to …


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A Magical Mystery Tour

Well, it's the September PC meeting tonight and no agenda as yet. This set me thinking that maybe we are all in for a treat. Maybe the councillors are going to wing it. Whey hey!!

Could be a great night. Can you imagine that they all just sit and stare at each other. This will begin at 7:30 and end at 9pm. Not only will the audience sit in silence but the councillors will too.

Mmmm, how refreshing but a little pointless. The recording will have coughs and sneezes and bum…


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Mid Suffolk unanimously approve Grove Farm development

At a Planning Committee meeting in Needham Market this morning Mid Suffolk District Council unanimously approved the Grove Farm proposals for 44 houses.

There is no appeal process so it is likely that the housing development will now go ahead. Chairman of the Parish Council Stuart Gemmill spoke in favour of the…


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Please come and share your memories of childhood play with students at Stradbroke High School

Suffolk at Play is a creative intergenerational reminiscence project, using the subject of childhood games to bring together different generations living in the same community. Through a variety of games and activities, participants are encouraged to share and explore their different experiences of the games they played as children; these may include playing on inner city bomb sites during the war, or visiting…

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Grove Farm: Decision due at Mid Suffolk Planning Committee on 9th September

Mid Suffolk District Council's Planning Committee meets on 9th September 2015 from 0930 at the Council Offices in Needham Market. First on the agenda is the proposal for 44 houses at Grove Farm in Stradbroke.

We will be live blogging the meeting and will bring you the decision as soon as we can.

The links…


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CARnival: 13th September 2015 at Stradbroke High School

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