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REVEALED- the picture NASA wouldn't show you ! - Local History Group vindicated

It has long been known that a particular frame of the footage taken by the Mars Lander many years ago, showed an unaccountable blur as though something had moved at high speed in front of the lens. The speed was such that the blur lasted for only a single frame and scientists dismissed "frame 1078" (as it became known) as a trick of the light.
Stradbroke Local History Group claims to have always known the truth - but they have not been able to get hold of the original "frame 1078" to conduct a rigourous, peer reviewed, scientific test.

Yesterday all that changed!

Under the "Freedom of Idiots to Prove Conspiracy Act 2006" they have managed to get hold of "frame 1078".

Following incredibly detailed and painstaking work by Mrs Willoughby-Mableforth, the envelope containing "frame 1078" was opened and held up to the light.

After many hours of academic debate over what could be seen it was evetually decided to hold "frame 1078" up to the light (Mrs W-M had misread Rutherford's seminal work on this little understood scientific process and the other members of SLHG have difficulty in distinguishing between up and down)

Now at last THE TRUTH can be revealed.

In 1898 Mrs and Mrs Oziah Heppleblossom moved from Stradbroke - they were never heard from again!

Everyone thought Oziah and Lucretia had gone to "the big city" (Framlingham) to seek their fortune - well nearly everybody. A small team of Victorian engineers, forunners of today's Stradbroke Aeronautical and Space Agency, had made a breakthrough and had launched Mr and Mrs H from a steam catapult into near earth orbit. Unfortuately a glancing blow from a passing rock sent their bicycle spinning into space where it eventually crash landed on the surface of Mars.

The deciphered photograph shows descendants of Mr and Mrs H still using the same bicycle and still trapped in a fashion time-warp.

A triumph for Stradbroke Local History Group who had kept Mr and Mrs H's name in their books waiting for the day of triumph (Editors Note: I think you will find SLHG were waiting for them to pay their subs for their last year of membership) and a place in history for Stradbroke and for Mr and Mrs Heppleblossom.

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