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Empowering Stradbroke to reduce our carbon footprint: Groundwork East in Stradbroke...

Cut Waste and Save Money!

Groundwork East and Suffolk Climate Change Partnership will be working with us by sending volunteer Green Champions to Stradbroke in mid to late October (final dates to be announced). They will ask residents to complete a short survey to help understand what we currently do regarding using/saving household energy. They will provide us with advice on practical ways we can save money and reduce carbon and other greenhouse gases. Some of these measures are free. Green Champions are very experienced in door-to-door work and will not call if there are “no callers” notices, for example. They all carry IDs.

Small changes to our lifestyles can make a big difference. Groundwork East has researched Stradbroke on the IMPACT calculator ( It estimates Stradbroke’s present carbon footprint is 13,168 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e), with the average household being 20.2 tCO2e. Groundwork hopes to achieve a 1 tonne of CO2 equivalent saving (roughly the equivalent to a return flight from London to New York) for everyone who takes part. This is by simply following the top tips on a postcard Groundwork hand out. It could mean a top saving of approximately £140 per householder! Groundwork will survey us again later and give feedback on Stradbroke’s estimated saving over the next few months.


Chatting to a Green Champion WILL help us reduce our carbon footprint and save us money.

Every household in Stradbroke can take the 5 MINUTE SURVEY, link available on line for example at, or

Pick up a POSTCARD OF TOP TIPS from the Library and start saving CO2 and money!

Pick up GROUNDWORK MONEY-SAVING LEAFLETS, with detailed up-to-date information on roof and wall insulation, heat pumps, changing electricity suppliers effectively, and many more topics.

Groundwork empowers “vibrant, green communities ....facing up to the challenges of climate change....for a net-zero economy....for....healthier, happier lives.” They want to spread information and empower individuals and their communities.

Go to for more information on their work and how you can help.

Your specific questions can also be answered by Sarah Gill, our dedicated Energy Advisor on 07720 098980 or

Thank you.

Toni Wisbey

Stradbroke Parish Council Climate Change Group


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