Stradbroke has a long history of photography, dating back to the first days of cameras in the 1860s. The earliest known photograph of the village is the 1864 photograph of the opening of the village school. We are very lucky that generations of villagers have kept the old photos and built on these collections with their own contributions, including, as it came along, cine film and video! The Stradbroke Village Archive are building on the work of the Stradbroke Local History Group in collecting and digitising these important pictures for all to see.


The 21st century photographers are everywhere... they geotag their photos and share them on social media sites such as Instagram. These are no ordinary snaps. They tell the story of Stradbroke today in exactly the same way the Archives show us the story of previous generations.


Life in Stradbroke

COVID 19 Pandemic


Let the village of now and the Stradbroke of the future see how the global pandemic has affected our day to day life by joining in and adding your experiences.

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Stradbroke has also had a presence on YouTube for a number of years.

The Stradbroke Media channel has a number of videos from some local events . Click the 'Next' arrow below the gallery to scroll though.