Stradbroke Parish Council declares* a climate emergency!

• Human activity has already caused 1°C of warming to the earth.

• Most nations have pledged to reduce carbon and other fossil fuel gases to net zero emissions (carbon neutrality) by 2050. We may need to do this sooner.

Some countries are moving faster by declaring a climate emergency.

Suffolk County Council has declared a climate emergency, and so has Stradbroke Parish Council. Stradbroke is rich in energetic people, groups, and businesses. We need ideas from you all to raise awareness, to share our decarbonisation actions and improve resilience to climate change. This includes protecting and encouraging biodiversity and combating threats to plant and wildlife. We all want a healthier life for us and our children.

Please support us in any way you can and we will support you. Send ideas! Let us know of people who could help. Could you publicise our work/share distribution/put posters in windows? Could you join our task force to plan and act?

For further information, contact our Parish Council Climate Change Group rep : 01379 388466

· You can start now! You and your family will enjoy exploring your carbon footprints with the fun interactive tool on Try it and see how YOU can make a difference!

· Change to LED light bulbs (they work in any light socket). Save on your electricity bill! Same lighting quality you have now, but about one tenth watts! More details next month.

*(SPC Climate Change Emergency Declaration at Stradbroke Parish Council site:

Toni Wisbey